Our foundation, principles, and the driving force

Ekà, meaning ‘one’ in Sanskrit, finds charm in the familiar—pastoral pleasures, a lilting breeze or the warmth of a lifelong friend. This spirit takes shape in soulful clothing that lives on through individual expression, inspired by the poetic authenticity of places, people, and their stories.

Our designs are meant for celebrating the small, everyday luxuries with distinctive pieces made in fluid cuts and natural fabrics, and punctuated by thoughtful details. Each piece is designed to be seasonless and timeless, with an irreverence for boundaries of shape and age to offer clothing that is globally relevant.

“Ekà is clothing for everyday luxury, made to be lived in, loved, and worn again.”

Our Process is Informed by Textile Knowhow and Design Curiosity

The essence of Ekà stems from our design practice and the philosophy it is rooted infunctional, timeless, and conscious clothing made in India with the indigenous skills of India’s regional craft belts.

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