Once before, an artist's wardrobe and her story

"To finish a picture, what nonsense! to finish it means to be through with it, to kill it, to rid it of its soul."

-Pablo Picasso

There is a 'non finito' aesthetic in the art world; works left incomplete by their makers, where the process of creation is a part of the final work. This point of view became the source of ideation for Ekà’s Woolmark collection. Inspired by old discarded sketchbooks and undone artworks, my theme embraces unfinished techniques to create a patchwork of artisanal aged textiles, as an essence of nostalgia adds a romantic touch to the contemporary, modern collections.

“I explored works of Paul Cezanne that led me to find my muse in Amrita Sher-Gil, an eminent painter, who is considered the pioneer of Modern art in India. Her life and art are a fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds that has an individual style of greater simplification of form and elimination of unimportant details, an ethos we share at Ekà.”

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